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  • Happy Birthday You Slack Twat!

    Outrageous Explicit Cards We Sell

    Outrageous Explicit Cards We Sell are only available to buy here at the DYP shop. You’ll find some of the naughtiest of the cards with words that are pretty outrageous and explicit but we know you’ll love them! For a long time I tried to find greetings cards that were not slushy, or twee. That […]

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  • Social Media is fucking awesome

    Social Media is Bloody Difficult!

    Social Media is bloody difficult but it has become this year’s business challenge that I needed to look more closely at. To blog more, to connect with my customers in a meaningful way, and generally get a grasp on this social interaction milarky. I’m fairly busy running DYP so I confess that blogging has always seemed a […]

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  • I love your cock

    DYP on Etsy and Folksy

    Exciting news! In order to give you guys the most options to be able to purchase our fab products, you can now find DYP on Etsy and Folksy. There you can use Paypal to purchase your naughty products and still receive outstanding customer service! Have a look to view the current Valentine’s range and if you […]

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  • I hate you Valentine

    I hate you valentine greetings card

    Loads of you get a bit fed up as the 14th of February rushes towards us like a runaway train, bombarding you with lots of messages of love and slush and goo… So here is an alternative for those of you may want to send a Valentines to a frenemy or your loved one who […]

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  • One eyed wonder muscle

    Happy Valentines You One Eyed Wonder Muscle!

    In theme of double entendres and innuendos, a perfect card for hiding a double meaning! Who is your one eyed wonder muscle? I bet you have someone in mind! Working with GF Smith Papers, the stock for the new range of cards is now a whooping 400gsm luxury stock that makes the colour really pop! […]

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  • Happy Valentines let's make cum faces

    Happy Valentines – Let’s make cum faces!

                    What a cheeky card! Though a fantastic way to grab the attention of the recipient! We don’t need to see your cum faces so keep that private but we hope you love the sentiment and your Valentine loves the request! You can buy this card and the […]

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