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  • Front of Ethel

    A Charlton and Cropper Peerless Update

    Over the past few months I’ve had several enquiries about how I progressed with restoring Ethel (my Improved Peerless printing press.) Then I realised it’s been two years since I updated my post and showed you the final look of a restored press. This is Ethel restored back to her full working glory, with 21st […]

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  • vintage-same-old-moon-postcard

    DYP is off on Holiday!

    Just to let you know that DYP will be closed from the 31st July until the 18th August as I’m taking some time off to spend some much needed rest and time with my family. The shops will be closed but should you wish to get in touch with me you can drop me an […]

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  • DYP Postcards3

    A social media update and some new selling rules

    So if my facebook feed is anything to go by, there seems to be a bit of a frenzy about these new selling regulations or the amendments to it that come in to effect on Friday 13th June.  So today, I’ve been sat reading through what feels like lots of law jargon to work out […]

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  • folksy

    DYP back on Folksy and a catch up

    So I’m back from BCTF, which was a different experience and one I’ll unlikely repeat as there are other shows that the work I produce is better suited at. It was though, a brilliant experience and I got to meet a lot of lovely people, some new and some old but still it was a […]

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  • BWB1

    BCTF 2014

    This year I’m all about the wholesale and the trade side of business, so tomorrow I set up for my first ever trade fair. It feels a bit strange because I’ve been wholesaling and doing trade sales for as long as I’ve retailed. Yet this show feels different from the heady, adrenaline fuelled rush, slight […]

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  • Mum's day print

    Mother’s Day Twist

    If your mum isn’t really into the traditional flowers, and sparkles then why not have a look at the prints and new cards I’ve been working on. I have quite an extensive collection of wood and metal type and I love photographing them; so I decided to create a collection of Mother’s day cards and […]

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