Hello! I'm back from my fabulous holidays with lots of fantastic goodies to show you!

I haven't had a proper family holiday abroad for an extended period in over 12 years. We've had weekends and the odd week in the UK away but we haven't had a proper beach holiday for a long time.

Suffice to say it was a well earned rest and I haven't had so much fun in a long time, that the family are asking when we're going again!

So our holiday was a 12 night cruise to various Mediterranean ports including Rome, Naples, Venice, Kotor, Dubrovnik, Malta and Barcelona. Before we left I researched a lot about the cities we would visit and most importantly whether I could buy paper and printing materials.

The best place I've found was a beautiful shop in Venice called Il Prato who make and sell all of their own handmade paper and prints. It was a truly beautiful shop and the owner was a fabulous chap who we spent a good half hour talking to about paper and computer games! I bought some prints and 20 sheets of their loose handmade paper but as a given they usually do not sell individual sheets. Instead you can buy very expensive but exquisite crafted leather bound journals or their own printed stationery goods.



Should you ever find yourself in the Accademia district of Venice, I whole heartedly recommend you visit there, as Il Prato and many other shops sell some amazing papers and printing items.

Whilst in Venice I also took a lot of photos of the signage and the mosaics of advertising. Signage is by far one of my favourite parts of visiting new places and it was a real pleasure to see old Kodak signs and how symbology and logos transcend language.



In Rome we visited the Basilica and if I'm honest I was very underwhelmed by the religious aspects of the visit but very excited to find a small shop tucked away from the hustle of the tourists. In there we found the usual tourist trinkets but at the back they had some beautiful paper that had been illustrated with very decorative illuminations. I don't usually buy decorated paper but I ended up buying four packs of paper in various styles and sizes because they really are very beautiful.



I've got so many more pictures to put up over the next few days Keep your eyes peeled for more!



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