Of course you should not start a post off apologising, however I do feel I need to do so. Having been utterly rushed off of my feet I have so much to say about the past month and a bit.

Since moving into the studio (which to reaffirm I am happy to now call my studio) I haven't stopped working. I've pretty much been there everyday, had an open studio day for a Vintage fair and met a lot of lovely people and asked to do some workshops. Then there are the open days still to come before Christmas.

As much as I love being busy, I do feel I need some time to absorb the amazing experiences that have been happening. I've met some fantastic people, who equally love their craft and have been a huge inspiration and completely supportive of my venture. Otley has such a rich history of letterpress and at the fair I met many print engineers who came to check out my press! Suffice to say they gave me plenty of advice and lots of stories!

So, I have been very busy. I've been hand printing images that I had made into polymer blocks. A lot of my printing plates/letterpress blocks are very old (some circa.1870), so in order to protect them I had them recast and so the modern versions can be used quite frequently. They print up beautifully too, though the new blocks have to be hand printed rather than in the press. I still set the original blocks but they'll eventually be used as limited edition print runs, just so I can preserve them from further damage.

Most of the items I have been working on include stationery and Christmas cards, wrapping paper, tags and some smaller prints. I've also started experimenting with writing paper and printed envelopes, which sold out at the last open day!

So that leads into the open day. I wanted to open up the studio and sell some of my work but also get people to look around. The Vintage fair was a roaring success and I was overwhelmed by the support and generosity of the people who visited. Quite a few folk wanted to be taught how to print and bookbind, so in the new year I am planning on putting together small groups for those who want to learn the basics of printing. if you are interested, drop me an email at: doyoupunctuate @ gmail.com(remove the spaces from the '@')

I've also agreed to have two more open studio days before Christmas, the first is this Sunday, 27th November from 9.30am until 1.30pm. It's a shorter time than before but coincides with the farmer's market too. So if you happen to be near by, come and drop by for a cuppa! I'm at the Courthouse in Otley and the farmer's market is in the main square.

Once Christmas is out of the way, I'm going to spend some time just experimenting like I used too. I love winter, I love drawing inspiration from silhouetted trees and frosty shapes and so I plan on concentrating or hibernating out ideas! I'm also starting to think of Valentines but also celebrations like Burn's Night. Robert Burns wrote some beautiful Scottish poetry that could be interpreted into a card.

Finally, I am in the midst of putting together a shop, as usual with these things I'm having to consider the drawbacks of online shopping versus real life. Especially as my work is so tactile, it is hard I guess, to convey the quality of paper and print in an image. However, I shall endeavour to overcome issues like PayPal, web templates and postage. If you feel you have any bug bears about online shopping, please feel free to let me know. I have a list a mile long but it's always great to get other insights into these things.

Anyway, apologies for the tardiness of this post and thank you always.

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