Hello! Today has been great, the snow has finally arrived and so we've been out playing and sledging. Then back indoors to warm up with hot chocolates and a catch up on ebay. Then back out again...repeat until we're all exhausted but happy with a rosy glow.

Anyway, I've been looking for a new printing press, something that lets me print to a larger surface area and can be broken into two, so that it can be moved easily and carried up my studio stairs. This at first seemed like an easy enough request but actually, it's turning out to be a challenge. Proper printing presses are HUGE, cast iron, beautiful colossuses that were not built to be moved around so flippantly. So if you happen to know anyone or have a recommendation for a tabletop platen press (like a Peerless 7x11 cast iron) then drop me a line. I'd be immensely grateful!

In other news, since the store launched it's been a pretty crazy merry-go-round of produce and sell, with so many fantastic opportunities that have arrived out of social networking and just talking to people in general. I was kindly added to the Craft Soup, a group of like minded individuals who all make and produce handmade bespoke items. They have been a great wealth of knowledge and advice. I even met a few of them when I got the chance to display my work in cabinets at Courthouse in Otley.

My other exciting news is that my stock is to be carried in a shop called Reloved boutique in Newark. It's a preloved baby and children's clothing store owned by the lovely Caroline. She hasn't set up her official website yet but once she does I'll post the link here.

My cards at Yum! are doing really well and I've had so much positive feedback. Yum! is a great cafe, so if you get the chance to pop in, do so. They have incredible cakes and are coffee connoisseurs! Joanne who owns and runs Yum! is a great lady and everything is made by her! She is an excellent foodie!

So I do what I do best, which is talk loads, hopefully not annoy anyone and get to know people who are genuinely interested in handmade products. I'm still shiny new to the business side of things and I don't even consider printing a job but I feel very lucky to be able to do this.

In the next coming weeks, I'll be putting up new products on the store, so keep your  eyes peeled!


Enjoy the snow!


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