I've been collecting bibles for a while now. Today I managed to add five more to the collection!

I love old books, the experience and history of an old book, it is something that needs to be cherished and appreciated.

Anyway, £28 for bibles that are exquisitely bound, letterpress and and are well over a collective age of 200 years! One is a Catholic version, heavy and feels authoritative, gilded edges and embossed. Beautifully set and with shoulder notes, justified text, over large numbers; it really is something to marvel at.

My other quirky purchase is a 'Reading from the Holy Scriptures for Jewish soldiers and sailors. A small pocket bible that was taken to war and has some wear to prove it!

I find it ironic that the little book was put in a war scenario, a war that was ultimately against the Jews in some respects.

I love the type setting, the chunkiness, the raw honesty of the text, the layout. How it was to be used, who was to use it. These are things that I felt I've overlooked in my research so far. The academic part pushing the research rather than understanding the design context.

I've uploaded the images to flickr, I've decided to make a more thorough exploration into understand the changes of language within each Genesis example. Hopefully, speaking to a Theologian will give more clarity on meaning, what emphasis the punctuation carries for the words. How these are interpreted by the viewer and how socially and culturally they impact on understanding and true meaning.

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