I'm trying to sort my flickr widget out and at the same time as googling using the 'compositor's stick', I stumbled across this blog from Justin Knopp. I was very excited to read about the Wharfedale he has (as I live in the town where they were invented and built!)

Also I have just moved all of my faces I've bought into their antique case. There is something quite satisfying about having everything organised, in its' place and waiting. I can almost feel the trepidation every time I slide a drawer open! Sadly, my wooden blocks and furniture is having to live in recycled cardboard boxes until I find a suitable chest. The problem is the size, some being poster sized, others being a lot smaller but not belonging to a family. My collection consists mostly of punctuation I've found in my travels; the metal type is complete families though I only have one serif. Which I must rectify!

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