I recently visited Otley museum for the Environmental Type brief. It's a lovely little place in much need of larger premises and an injection of money. Sadly, they are to be kicked out of the Civic Hall and as yet, the council hasn't found them a new home.

They have a Wharfedale printing press,which is a lovely piece of letterpress machinery. (Check out the link above, a great blog and good explanation on the Wharfedale.)

So, the research has taken me in the route of signwriting and trying to understand the change between a craft and vinyl/3D lighted signs. The most obvious thing to have come about is that, architects don't include signage into the designing of buildings. So often the relationship between signage and building is at odds.

The historical arts and craft has been interesting because the people who created the signs, where not typographers but just people who had a good eye, steady hand and some element of creative flair. This has been my favourite part of the research, to deleve into the history of where I live, see comparisons of one shop over a number of years. Maybe I'm too nostalgic for my own good!

Check out the gallery for the rest of the images.

Otley Garage

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