Morning world!

I've recently been working on creating some fantastic flags to be used at a wedding. Having never mades flags before this was a fantastic experience and a huge learning curve! These flags are going to get some intense usage so I've used doubled sided tape on each side of the flag before bringing them together.


Printed onto 200gsm cartridge paper, means that doubled up it's now 400gsm, this makes the paper firmer and hopefully more robust! Then these are attached to a smoothed dowelling rod with even more doubled sided tape. So with the power of tape, this flag could survive intense waving!

Other great things this week came about as well. I was given a beautiful printing block which I think was a type of traditional way to make wall paper. Sadly the block is quite delicate and so I didn't want to put it under too much pressure but I've managed to get some prints off of it.

Here's a couple of pictures of them drying.

The idea is that once they've dried, I'm going to scan them in and have a go at reworking the design. Then have the block remade into a photopolymer plate, so I'm able to salvage this lovely design. I really love the quality of print and I can't wait to get working on the final designs.


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