Whoop! Whoop! Exciting news here! To celebrate our new shop launch go and grab a 5% discount when you login into the new shop with the pop up coupon. You can share and like our shop and blog (which would be lovely thank you!) The catch? There isn't one, simply use the Facebook prompt on the shop to sign in. You'll be given a code and off you go! It's really that simple! (Just remember to allow any pop filters permission from DYP otherwise you will miss the offer.) The code is: 5%OFF, so just pop it in at the checkout.

So for a while now I've courted Shopify, played with their backend (oo-er!) and checked out their themes, shopping versatility, their ethos as a business and found that actually it was pretty good. It was also recommended by my very good friend Rachel who has been very prolific with them, building a very successful brand and business.

So I thought, why the hell not? I was previously using Woocommerce and tbh I really struggled, it cost lots, I felt it was convoluted, I wasn't able to easily update the site without help and the backend for handling orders (or the CMS) was well...pants.

Anyway, I'm sure it works very well for lots of people but I seemed to have found my home with Shopify and I can't deny I'm so excited. Customers are loving it, I've asked lots of people to test the new shop, as I want your shopping experience to be as smooth and easy as possible. I hate websites with lots of adverts, pop ups, too much colour and general gaudiness. So I've tried to keep it simple, sleek and straight forward.

The cards tell their own stories, so my next step on world domination of greetings publishing(!) is to start refining my photography. Playing with soft flash lighting, using a flash umbrella and trying to create a unique and distinct photography look.

Also I've been quietly working on a collection of A3 prints with some of the most fabulous sayings. They're not ready for launch as I need to photo them but I cannot wait to show you them! (I know it's a bit boring to talk about work and not share your ideas...so I've uploaded a sneak peek to give you a taster!)

I hope you like it? You can probably guess what it already is...

working in progress - New Shop




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