I've decided to embark upon the task of designing a book cover for the Penguin Design Award; choosing the adult brief of 'Perfume by Patrick Süskind.

I haven't read this book before, so I've done some quick background reading via wikipedia. The basic premise is a man without a personal scent, goes a bit mad; murders 25 virgins and creates the most aromatic, sensual, sense overloading scent. There are other bits going on, characters, social under currents, class, language. What comes across as a great story basically.

A quick google to see the other ideas that people have broached, most have gone along the murder, perfume cliché route. Noses, scent, women with red hair (the first woman to die is the red haired lady adorned on many previous book covers!) I wanted to avoid that and create something that held suggestion by drawing the viewer in. Maybe I'm bordering on too a fine art idea?

Anyway, I have explored fabric, texture, representatives of skin, touch, fabric of life, woven - those types of themes. I'd quite like to experiment with infusing a scent into the paper, though whether I'll have the time to source someone to do that I'm not sure. I love layering, so I'm trying printing on translucent papers to see how colours over one another and textures could work. Overall I'm really enjoying this project as truthfully I wasn't going to bother. I wanted to get this done fairly quickly and as I haven't really had a design brief like this for a while, it's proven to be quite a challenge but in a good way.

Anyway -

Penguin Design Award

This was my very first idea, I got the sizes wrong hence it being tiny! (Ok so I was tired!!) I was trying to make map paper (Waterproof paper that can be folded) from GF Smith absorb an oil based marbling paint but it wasn't having any of it. The image was a result of the ink running, which I thought was quite apt but decided against it.

My idea I'm currently working on, though I'm concerned that there is too much noise in the picture so when printing there is myriad of colours not supposed to be there! This printing milarky at times is a tad taxing!

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