Aye up Chumps! September is almost over and for that I cannot believe how quickly the year has flown. We're already hurtling into my most favourite time of the year – Autumn! Everything from the crisp cool air, the golden russet leaves, cinnamon and pumpkin spice, harvest goodness from my garden. I really love it all.

I also happen to absolutely love that we have Halloween, Bonfire Night, Mix up Sunday, Advent, Christmas and New Year to start to look to. Of course doing what I do I'm already printing Christmas cards and boxing up sets that are now being ordered daily!

I have toyed with the idea of creating a range of Halloween cards, filthy fun thrown in for good measure but I don't think they'll be as well received here in the Uk. Which is a shame because Halloween and Old Mischievous night are British traditions, or at least their roots are based here. I just happen to think the American's do a fabulous job at making it into such a brilliant occasion!

Things here have been pretty hectic since the kids went back to school; from my previous blog post you can watch where I talked about the business accelerator (Entrepreneurial Spark) that I'm part of has really got underway. I decided to Vlog about my experience of that journey as I try to raise the profile of DYP and access a wider audience and look to scale up what I do.

Ultimately my dream is to make DYP a commercial success, where you can find my cards in shops across the UK, even worldwide. I want to employ people and I want to drive my business to be successful but I want to make you laugh and piss your pants along the way. That is who I am and I believe I can do it because I've got laughter and I don't happen to take myself too seriously!

The hardest part of this journey to date has been the emotional rollercoaster of whether I have a good enough business, whether I can make it super successful, how do I do it? Am I good enough? I think they're all important questions and a natural part of this amazing process but it's bloody hard to try to keep positive when your self doubt is gnawing at you.

write that down

It hasn't helped that I've had a pretty bad flu virus on top of a touch of laryngitis which has meant I haven't recorded a recent vlog. So you'll have to make do with one I recorded earlier in the month. Which is here:

I have regular meetings with my brilliant enabler Melinda, who has made me ask myself some pretty tough questions. One of these has been to understand how to scale DYP, my problem is that I am like a magpie and I am easily distracted to want to try everything new. The hardest bit has been to really ask myself where I see myself in five years, what can I do to really scale up, so that I can have a business that is recognised and products are available nationally and globally. (That bit scares me shitless!)

The most useful thing I've done of recent is to properly manage my social media. I've got a proper plan, I know my most successful outlets, I know how to find my customers and I know how best to advertise. The problem? Hours in the day! So I've become pretty strict at time management, less time fucking about and a clear and precise plan everyday that I've been sticking to. In my up coming blogs I'll post up my social media plan to give you an idea how it's all working out. Right now though, I feel like I've achieved so much already but just simply planning time and how I'm using it. Sounds simple doesn't it? The best plans always are!

Check out my next post for the fab competition and money off voucher to celebrate the third birthday of DYP.

Bec x



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