For a while now many customers have asked whether I offered a censored version of the profanity cards because the person receiving the card might have small children who they don't want to view the language or that they love profanity but not in such a blatant in your face way.

I always strive to give the best customer service experience because I want you to come back and continue to buy with me and share a few laughs. So for the cards that have profanity, there is now an option to purchase the card with a star over selected letters.

I really hope you enjoy them and please feel free to get in touch if you have a funny family saying that you'd love to see on a card. No request is too strange!

Here are some fabulous examples of the censored range.


Bec x


HB old bastard star Greetings HB fuck chump star cards HB bollock chops star cards HB fab fucker star cards cock star Greetings HB sexy fucker star cards Star Gallery Cards HB bitch star cards


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