Today's work has been experimenting with various stock and inks. Plus the Adana is playing up a bit, so had to strip down the parts and re–oil. Thank goodness for WD40!

Anyway, whilst on my last visit to London I bought some beautiful little printing blocks from a guy in Covent Garden. (Who I recommend whole heartedly that you visit, he happens to be in the market stalls beyond the shops.)  As I was flying home I only bought 6 blocks but I could have gladly taken the whole stall! So today I've been tampering with getting the Adana to give  a clean impression (it's improving) and then some hand printing using non toxic pigment ink.

I have two Crowns, a king and queen's, a crocodile, hand scribe and some borders. I struggled before to get the ink balance right but after much preparation I managed to get going. So I've included some of the pictures, I love the clarity and vividity of black on the various stocks.However, the metallic inks always seem to struggle, especially when dried, they tend to still leave residue if you touch the print.

I've been using up some of the stockpile of Offenbach 40gsm I have left. Also a while ago I bought a sample book from Inspire me papers and have been printing on to various stock in the pack. (which had a very nice 2inch screw bolt!)

I'm going to start cutting out some of the prints and create cards and in the very near future, will have a shop of all my wares!

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