So I have a new studio (excited giggle) and I have been documenting the process of making what was an artist's paint studio, into a letterpress workshop. Strangely I'm not entirely comfortable calling it a workshop or a studio, instead I've taken to calling it 'the room'. I suppose as I start to settle I will find something I'm comfortable to call it but for now it's my place that I can work from.

I was very fortunate to acquire this room, and the journey to arrive at it has been a long one. I had initially started by looking at Wharfebank in Otley but was put off at the escalating price and the realisation that I was going to be extremely limited in how I could use what was essentially an office room. Anyway, I contacted The Courthouse Arts and resource centre and after some emails, telephone conversations and a look around, I fell in love and moved in last Wednesday.

I can't describe the sheer excitement at finally having a space where I can be freely creative, answerable to no one (within reason) and have all of my press equipment out and in use. So from what started as a germ of an idea six months ago, is finally a reality and I am utterly ecstatic about it all.

The room has a wonderful vibe to it and further still, my grandad was a police sergent at The Courthouse, before it was converted into an arts centre. So I feel that this is meant to be and I really am chomping at the bit to get going.

I've been taking photos of making the room mine, I've sourced furniture from ebay and charity shops and managed to get an almost functioning workshop set up within a few days. That also includes the installation of broadband! I've met my lovely neighbour called Jackie, who is an illustrator and she is utterly fascinated by the work I do. In turn, Jackie makes some beautiful pictures and she has suggested we have an open studio day. I think this adventure was meant to be...

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