Today I managed to complete some of tasks I'm trying to work through. I've been setting myself lose deadlines and small projects.

First was to update my note book, I haven't been reading as much I was at the beginning of the project; mostly as I've been concentrating on getting my letterpress printing set up. Anyway, I've managed to read through, cut out and stick in all my collected articles.

Secondly, I learnt about Tympan padding/ paper that goes underneath the platen to distribute the pressure when printing. Something that I obviously had overlooked when gathering my info to start printing!

Thirdly, I finished up the changes to my Penguin book entry. Though I've had a few headaches with the image.

The problem is my camera creates the images at 72dpi but 4000x3000 pixels! So a huge file! Anyway, trying to remove the noise, raise the dpi and sort out the pixel size lead to a massive headache that I hope will get fixed. A change of font to something more appropriately French and Perfumish and voilà!

Fourthly, I'm having to work out the headings for my final book, using diagrams that I created to document my research approaches.

I also have a presentation next Wednesday to show my work to date. Slightly concerned as I've been concentrating on another module so need to get my skates on!

Lastly, found a lovely blog via twitter. An illustration one but from what I gather it is work produced every day, which is a good a GREAT ethos! The Illustrator is called Yae Won Yu

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