I have been creatively restless for a while now, lots of ideas and no real way of being able to get them out and achieved. This is mostly because I have not had the time to really work out what I want to do, or how to start. It also proves even more difficult to be able to work from home, so many distractions and working from the house office or kitchen table drives my inane sense of order to distraction!

So I have been searching for an external workshop/office space where I can leave work spread out on tables, inks ready made up and walls covered in drawings and scribbles! I have found said place but (to my delight) there is a lovely lady who's agreement runs out at the end of this month and she is retiring. She is a book binder and restorer of books belonging to the British library. She is leaving her equipment and furniture behind, so that I might possibly find a use for them .So it looks like I might have my own space at long last, it's just the haggle of rents/rates and so forth.

I can't tell you how excited I am, slightly daunted but so eager to finally feel like I am really going to get the press set up and really into use. Especially as I've been increasing my letterpress collection of recent.

There is a chap called Jamie in Covent Garden who on a Saturday and a Sunday, sells letterpress blocks for printing. I have spent a small fortune with him and whenever I'm in London, I always head there to see him. I've been on the look out for pirate themed blocks, also wedding styles and then anything else that takes my fancy! So if you happen to pass by, take a look and see what he has, there are some truly lovely blocks.

So whilst out and about on my travels I have been collecting  examples of type that I really liked or was drawn to. I thought I'd put them up on here. I hope you enjoy!

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