Valentines at DYP is well underway now and I can't wait to share with you the fabulous new work I've been designing and the filthy words that you guys so dearly love!

I love Valentines, not because of the slushy romance stuff but because of the celebration of all relationships, friendships - basically all the love we share and give. Lot's of you love to send cards that are not romantic, I concur as I bloody hate all of that slushy red roses, teddy bear shit that other companies seem to think as a woman I just simple adore.

Nope - I hate that stuff and a lot of you do too. So with that in mind, I always aim to please and so I've got a bloody smashing collection of work that I'm really proud of that is straight talking and funny.

Check it out over on the shop and find your cheeky Valentines, don't forget we personalise all of our cards to fit with any funny sayings you might have. You can also find an exclusive range of cards over at Not on the High Street

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So check out Valentines at DYP and we dare you to send the cheekiest of greetings cards!


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