Sadly my Nanna passed away earlier on in the year and we now have the sad task of finally clearing away the last of her possessions. So it is to my joy that we discovered she had a small collection of books and items, that are of great typographic importance (well to me anyway.)

So far I've inherited lovely typeset books, a gorgeous typewriter, tins with Eric Gill's Gill Sans loving set on the top, bibles, 1950's cake boxes, a vice and other typesetting tools!

My Uncle who works for PoleStar Watmough, dug out a book that had been presented to him. It is a history of Watmough printing company, from 1888 through to 1965. I have to say it is quite a boring book, the information and history isn't presented in a particularly exciting way and it doesn't divulge too much information about type. However, there are some lovely pictures, with which the nostalgic part of me harks backs to a hand made/craft time.

Interesting to see that the only women present are those in the Bindery...

web6 web1

The Bindery 1958 and the Linotype (hotmetal)composing room.

web3 web4

The Rotary newspaper press and Catalogue print run.

web5 web2

The composing room/metal type chests.

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