A good friend of mine runs a design collective called Mill and whilst browsing through the pages I noticed a course being held on photo etching. So click link and violia the WYPW website pops up. I'm utterly gutted that I can't do the photo course (holidays!) but I am going to become a member and enrol on some of their other courses.

I thought it would be quite good to add the etching side of things to the skill set. I've been considering creating some woodcuts over the summer. Experimenting with inks, cuts and so forth. However, I wanted to take a month off of research due to lots of things happening here. Also to recharge the batteries a bit.

The call of working is luring me back, I acutally miss being immersed in the research and reading, though my social life tends to suffer for the love of the art! Anyway, I shall visit Hobbycraft today and see what type of etching and wood/lino cutting tools they have!

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