So last semester, got to bring together a report and a final piece.

Book of collected ideas and working thoughts and processes of the journey I took to understand what is punctuation?

6 posters that show a craft/handmade element of the letterpress I've found (mainly punctuation.)

The report is to be written (3000 words) and I'll bind it.

I'm currently experimenting with embossing, printing with various inks and papers and trying out my new pieces of letterpress.I've uploaded my photos to flickr so you should be able to see them with a refresh.

I'm really enjoying the simplicity of arranging the letterpress punctuation and printing; it's really refreshing to just go back to craft and make stuff. I feel so much more creative when I know I'm making things, especially when the outcome of the printing is varied and not perfect. (Which honestly, drives me nuts.)

Working experiments...

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