Original funny cheekyBritish Inspired woodblock printed Greetings cards and gifts

Do You Punctuate started as a kitchen table top business that I run around my family. I wanted to build a career and I needed the flexibility that working for myself could bring. So using my love of letterpress printing I bought two printing presses (called Mabel and Ethel) that I restored and I was ready to take on the world! I gradually built up my letterpress business by becoming a jobbing printer but I soon found I had lost my passion for the very thing that had helped me start out as an entrepreneur and business woman.

I came to realise quite quickly that people love their cards to be personal, quirky but that most of all you love your cards to be funny. We all love making people laugh and whilst I was trying to find my way through my creative crisis, I started to add rude words and funny sayings to my card designs.

I first showcased my 'Merry Christmas Tinsel Tits' and 'Merry Christmas Big Balls' at a very conservative, middle class kind of fair, where I expected outrage and condemnation. In fact the very opposite happened, I was selling them faster than I could print them, the personalisations were in demand, people wanted ruder words, ruder sayings and profanity. One of the stall holders near me came over at a quiet period and said 'it's been a pleasure to stand near you and hear genuine laughter and giggles, keep it up!'

So from there, I quickly expanded my range and developed a very signature style. I didn't want to completely abandon my letterpress and typographer roots so I used my wooden fonts for letterpress printing that were scanned in and I made my own font.
Sprinkled with lots of colourful language, the DYP style was born along with lots of cheeky laughs!

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